Server management made easy

Host multiple websites on a linux server with just a few magical clicks.



There are many good value VPS systems available from the likes of DigitalOcean, Linode and Vultr but they require a time and knowledge in order to configure them correctly. Just point ServerWand to your server and it takes care of the rest.


Create hosting accounts for all your websites. ServerWand makes it easy to install apps like WordPress. These can be backed up or cloned as dev environments.


All interactions are sent using vanilla SSH commands just as a sysadmin would. There is no proprietary software installed so that you are always in control.

At Your Service

Unlimited domains

Easy to add domains and enable SSL

Domain aliases

Add unlimited domain aliases with SSL

One Click Installs

Install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more with a single click


Firewall management, Fail2ban and Master Password facility

Browse logs

Quickly access server logs for running services

Scheduled tasks

Manage cronjobs for regular server tasks

System users

Manage SSH access to the server

No Lock-in

We only install official packages and you can disconnect from ServerWand at any time

Terminal access

One click access to a web-based terminal

IDE integration

Develop your site in ShiftEdit: Online IDE.

Node.js Apps

Host Node.js apps

Dev sites

Clone your site and sync changes between them.

Cloud backups

Automatic backups to object storage

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