Restoring an individual site from a system backup

31 May 2022

It is possible with ServerWand to restore a single site from a system backup, including the files and database.

We recommend using our cloud backup solution for a simpler process but if that is not available, these are the steps:

1) In your VPS provider's control panel restore your server backup to a new server.

This can take a while, so grab a cup of tea while it deploys.

e.g. in Linode navigate to the backups tab for your server and click Deploy New Linode:

2) Once deployed you will be given the IP address for the backup server, copy it to the clipboard. Now go into ServerWand and edit the settings for your server. Make a note of the existing IP address and replace it with the IP address of the backup server. ServerWand will then connect to the backup server.

3) Navigate to the site you want to restore, go to the backups tab and create a backup.

4) Download the backup to your computer. Congratulations, you are half-way there!

5) Edit the server settings and re-enter the original IP address. ServerWand will connect to the live server once again.

6) Go to the site in ServerWand and click on the backups tab.

7) Drag and drop the backup file into the backups list and wait for it to upload.

8) Once uploaded, click the backup and confirm the restore.

The site will now be restored. You may want to remove the backup server to prevent additional charges, you can do so from your hosts control panel.