Secure Shell and ShiftEdit IDE

27 May 2021

The latest version of ServerWand comes with the following features:

Secure Shell integration

You can now connect to a web-based terminal with a button press.

When working with a server that you need to jump into the command line from time to time.

This is now possible via the terminal button on the server page.

For this to work you will need a ShiftEdit account. ShiftEdit is the original Web IDE, from the same company as ServerWand.

After pressing the terminal button for the first time you will be prompted to pick a System User to connect with.

You will then be asked to save the key and continue. This will automatically upload your ShiftEdit SSH key to the selected System User and then open a new terminal window.

If you ever need to connect as a different system user, you can clear the default user setting from the settings tab.

ShiftEdit IDE integration

You can now access your site files in ShiftEdit IDE with a single click.

ShiftEdit is a browser-based IDE from the same company as ServerWand.

Far more than just file management, with ShiftEdit you can develop your entire website online!

Clicking the button will open the site within ShiftEdit

Authorized keys

You can now add ssh keys to system users via the interface.

There's a new option to disable the password prompt when using SUDO from the terminal (disabled by default).

Enjoy the new update! If you have any questions, please find us on our discord server.