Offsite VPS backups for your Linodes and Droplets

24 Mar 2022

If your server data is mission-critical then you need a multi-tiered backup strategy.

Many VPS hosts provide backups that are convenient but stored in the same data center as your server. This does not protect you against data center or organisation issues. E.g. what happens if my VPS provider goes bust, rogue or up in flames? To protect against these scenarios it is important to have off-site backups.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, as none of the major providers off-site backups and it's not easy to set up and maintain.

There are some 3rd party solutions out there but can you trust them with your data? And what happens if they have problems or disappear?

I guess you know what's coming.. ServerWand has the solution with our new Cloud Backups feature.

Looking after data like this is a big responsibility which is why we have chosen Amazon S3 as the backup medium. You will need an Amazon S3 account in order to create a bucket and connect it to ServerWand. S3 pricing is very reasonable e.g. $0.023 per GB at the time of this writing. As it's your own Amazon S3 account, you needn't worry about being able to access your data.

Once connected, ServerWand can initiate a daily backup schedule. All backups can be browsed and restored either in full or in part. If there are any issues with backups you will be sent an email alert. You can also view the backup health from the Cloud backups section.

As this is a feature geared towards Businesses running mission-critical software it is exclusively available for ServerWand Business subscribers.

Please see the docs for information on getting started with cloud backups.